Going the extra mile

Mia helped us find and lease the perfect retail storefront for our new business. Our criteria were very specific and our timeline was very short, but we were open to exploring potential locations from southern Dade County through central Broward County. Mia provided us not only with addresses meticulously culled from timely databank listings, but also visited and physically inspected neighborhoods we identified for which no listings appeared online.On the several properties we decided to pursue, Mia went the extra mile and checked with the local zoning departments before we submitted an offer to make sure our business could operate without first obtaining a variance.Thanks to Mia’s expertise, we successfully concluded an exhaustive search within our abbreviated time frame.

As we were looking for a very small store, Mia did all these wonderful things for us knowing there would be at best only a modest commission to repay all her hard work.She is a remarkable professional with very high standards and we were extremely lucky to have her on our team.We will be relocating soon so that we live closer to our new store and we will ask Mia to help us find that perfect new home!